Saturday, October 25, 2008

Look at my cute new creation...Tutus!!

How cute are these for a witch costume!!

These are just fun for the holidays!! They would be such a cute costume for dance group!

I am going to be making some fun girly- non holiday tutus this week so I will get pictures of them posted! I am loving them, they are so much fun!! Just so you know in these pictures, the tutus are cute but not as cute as they are in person!!

I have been told they are selling Tutus at Gardner Village for around $30-$40 that aren't as cute as these. I don't know because I have not seen them but I just wanted everyone to know I will be selling these for anywhere between $18-$30 depending on the size and amount of "Bling" you want incorporated into the tutu. :)

The sizes will be X-small to Large. The X-small will be for 0-12 months, Small 1-3years, Medium 3-6 years, and Large 6 years and up. I make the tutus with an elastic waist so they stretch and will fit for a long time. I just sold a medium one to an adult, she was probably a size 0 but she fit into it and liked the length. I will not reveal my pant size but I will tell you I can fit into a large (and I am not a size 0, not even close!)

I would be more than willing to do custom orders if I can find what you are looking for, just let me know! The tutus are so much fun I hope you all like them as much as I do! :)

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