Friday, April 25, 2008

Patterned fabrics

These are the Patterned fabrics I have available.
Patterned $8.50 ea or 2 for $15


Old school, Classic blue


Classic black, Black & red stripe, & Black & silver stripe

Lavender and Greens

Summer lovin', Touch of green, & Lime twist

Polka dots

These are all on a white background with the lighter and darker blue dots.
Green, Red, & Yellow


Boxy, Zebra, & Blue bling


Ames Family said...

Love them, Jill. This really is such a great idea. Sorry about this morning, I got 2 hours of sleep, no joke. My kids are being such a handful!

Bradden, Sunny, and Hyrum Cannon said...

I want to order some of your ties. My mom saw your ties at a boutique. She has been trying to email you, but having troubles with the emails getting sent back to her. I am trying to get some ties for my son by 5/25. I am in Des Moines Iowa and would need them sent or picked up from a family member. i will try emailing you too!
Sunny Cannon

Bradden, Sunny, and Hyrum Cannon said...

Thank you for your message on my blog! Apparently my mom got a hold of you! Thanks for the speedy order! I will be a lifelong customer... I think they are so cute!