Monday, May 19, 2008

How ties work.

Here are some pictures to show you how the ties work, I want to get a video on here but I am struggling with it. I hope to figure it out soon and get that on here too.

This is a tie with the elastic and snaps.

You can see the back just snaps together, this is much easier on babies as well as some toddlers.

Close up view of the snap & elastic.

This shows the back of the tie, as you can see it has a loop so the extention part of the tie will stay in place.

These ties are the ones that I would do for an infant on up to about age 2. I always do the snap on these ties just because it is much easier than trying to get your kid to cooperate as you try to get the tie over their head. You can let me know if you would like the snap-up or not I can do it either way.

As you can see, you just pull on the loop part of the tie to loosen it...

Then pull on the extendor part to tighten it.

This is a tie for older kids, as you can see there is not a snap. This is one that would need to go over your kids head and then be tightened.

This is the back of the tie which is very much the same as the previous ties but this does not have the snap-up back.

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Ames Family said...

This is a helpful post for your customers...way to go, Jill!